Frequently Asked Questions
Who can join/subscribe to your service?
How long does it take for me to get started so I can start downloading after I join?
Are there any contracts?
Are there late payment fee charges?
How many MP3 Songs can I download?
My download speed is slow
Do I have to rate each song before I download?
I want to pre-pay for the year to save money, will my monthly recurring payment be stopped?
Are there refunds?
If I do not get approved will I receive my money back and get a full refund?
Can I Preview The MP3 Music Audio Before I Download
Can I Search The MP3 Music Audio To Find A Song
What Is The Quality Of The MP3's Urban DJ Pool Has?
Do you provide the clean music version?
How often do you add songs?
Can I transfer, burn and or copy the MP3 onto a CD or DVD?
Do the MP3's expire?
If I cancel my membership to the record pool do I get to keep the MP3 music I downloaded?
Is the urban music in Urban DJ Pool and iDJPool the same?
Do you have Antivirus protection on the Urban DJ Pool Server?
I have a DJ company with more than one DJ. Does each DJ need to have their own Urban DJ Pool account?
I need a paid receipt for my tax records / tax filing
Will Urban DJ Pool share my contact information?
How do I change or update my billing information?
Can I cancel and rejoin at a later date?
How do I cancel my account?
Can I use a download manager program to download with?
I want to Upgrade my account, I need all genres.
I am experiencing download failures when trying to download songs with a large filename.
When do you delete the weekly folders for new songs?